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Wildwooders Rock!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Hampstead Heath Extension

I'm a Wildwooder and let me tell you how I came to the idea of making jams, why I'm making these delicious delicatessen and who helped me to achieve this.

We Wildwooders, on Wildwood Road, are lucky enough to live in front of the Hampstead Heath Extension, a beautiful park in north London where blackberries grow during the summer time. Although this park is great, its playground is less so because it barely has anything to do in it and needs a makeover, as you can see in the video. So I decided to make and sell 100% organic blackberry jams by using the blackberries that grow in the park to raise money to improve the Hampstead Heath Extension Playground.

Hampstead Heath Extension Playground
Hampstead Heath Extension Playground

I chose to involve my neighbours because I needed small jars and I hoped they would have some to spare. I predicted that people were throwing spice jars away (as were my family) because they are just so small and you can not really use them for anything else. I was determined to use recyclable materials so I got the blackberries from the Hampstead Heath Extension and used the jars that other people were using and there we have it, the perfect recyclable and yummy thing to sell on my website.

My neighbours have been very supportive. After leaving flyers in their letter boxes explaining my initiative, I was so surprised to find little bags with lots of spice jars left at their doorstep the day I said I would pick them up. Many of them left donations inside the jars and letters of support. It's been amazing!

The spirit of Wildwooders has given me the hope that my initiative "Pick For Parks" will allow me to give my beloved park back some resources to improve while at the same time using the resources it has to offer. So please join me and let's all pick for parks!

#PickForParks #HampsteadHeathExtension #Wildwooders

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