Wildwooders' Jam

Handmade Blackberry jam from Hampstead Heath Extension

Welcome to my website! I'm trying to raise money to give my local playground a makeover. Please show your support by buying one of my delicious jams or by donating using the button below. The park and all the local kids will thank you! 


Wildwooder's Blackberry Jam

Smart, recyclable and tasty

The main purpose of these small recyclable jars, containing a tasty blackberry jam, is to raise funds to improve the Hampstead Heath Extension Playground, by using the blackberries that grow in this very same park. 

The spirit of Wildwooders has given me the hope that my initiative "Pick For Parks" will allow me to give my beloved park back some resources to improve it while at the same time using the resources it has to offer. So please support my initiative with any donations and let's all pick for parks!

Wildwooder, Olivia


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